Best Apple TV Alternatives

apple tv alternatives

Each and every apple product comes at a very steep price. If you are considering buying an Apple TV, yet you are in a dilemma of shelling out so much just to get live streaming, then you are at the right place. Let us discuss the best Apple TV alternatives that the market has to offer. You can also check on Best Aliexpress Android TV Boxes 2020

Here are our 10 top picks.

Top Apple TV Alternatives

1. Minix NEO Media Hub – $69.90

Though not the cheapest option to Apple TV, it is certainly cheaper. It delivers amazing theatre like movie experience at the comfort of your home. Kodi being pre-installed, you can have easy access to numerous movie and TV options.

2. Roku Streaming Stick

If you are considering replacing your cable and stumbled on Apple TV but got disheartened with the price, then this is what you need. All you would need is a Spectrum App. This device looks like a USB and is very portable. Works on WIFI and is almost compatible with most brands of TV. It definitely is much cheaper than Apple TV. Actually it is one third of An Apple TV when it comes to cost. Being small and easy to navigate, it comes quite handy. It even has specific buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu and DIRECTVNow. It even offers voice recognition. It also plays WatchESPN, Amazon Video, HBO Now, PBS Kids, YouTube and such other apps.

3. AirTV 8GB 4K Streaming Media Player

A great option that is widely available though buying it online certainly gets you a cheaper price. As you can connect with Google Play through it, accessing any app that you may want for superior and live viewing is available at your disposal. A world of viewing pleasure awaits you. It also has bluetooth capability making your game controllers and headphones accessible.

4. Nvidia Shield TV

This is the best solution to satisfy the gamer in you. Now without buying a gaming PC, you can stream games from your computer or any other device. Not just that it streams TV as well making it a very cool device. Being a friend to the modern and smart human, it supports voice recognition, from dimming the lights to setting the alarm, it does it all. It supports Hulu, Sling TV, HBO, PlayStation Vue and similar services. It also comes with a remote control or you may buy other controllers depending on your gaming need.

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick

The best thing about this TV stick is that it comes at a very affordable price. It is extremely easy to use as well. Certainly not meant for gamers and people who are looking to AirPlay their phone screen. But it is an excellent option to watch live TV. Through this device you can play movies from Amazon, Netflix, HBO and other such services. It also offers wide range of live sports channel to choose from so you can stay updated with the scores. Being small it can be easily plugged in to the HDMI port in the TV.

6. Google ChromeCast

The most attractive feature about this product is that it comes at a very affordable price if you compare it to Apple TV. Not very high on usability though as you are required to control it with your smartphone. But this little device does let you cast even your games on to the TV. It supports Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, HBO Go, WatchESPN, Google Play, NBC, Sling TV and plenty of other services. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac through chrome. But you will not be able to stream through Amazon products. A good buy given the price tag and the amazing benefits it presents with.

7. Sony PlayStation 4

Certainly a good investment for movie loving family of gamers. The PlayStation Vue comes with a free trial so that you may check out if it works for you or not. Once it is in place you need not add other devices to live stream TV. With amazing picture quality and impressive audio, this is a good buy that serves two purposes. Cheap PS4 Games

8. Roku Express

A cheap option that can well manage to keep you cheerful! It offers great streaming service with easy navigation options. The best thing about this device is that it works with even older TV models. So if your parents or grandparents will still not let go of their old TV, a Roku express may help them reach the world of live TV streaming. It renders good picture quality and audio also does not get affected.

9. Roku Ultra

Another Roku option that comes at an affordable price. A good alternative to Apple TV, this device goes beyond the 1080P, it offers 4K streaming. It is compatible with Netflix and Amazon Video, you can live stream Hulu, Sling TV, DIRECTVNow, ShowTime, HBO among many other services. It has voice support. The headphone is quite unique as it comes with a headphone jack. As the device is not a dongle or a stick, you may require a wall mount or a place to keep it.

10. Amazon Fire TV Cube

A very good Apple Tv alternative at a great price. It lets you connect with Alexa and you can thus voice control the device. It does not support Google Play, a major disadvantage. It can be controlled through your smart phone. It is not a very small device like a plug in and hence it requires to be kept somewhere, but the voice control supported by Alexa catches reasonable distant voice as well.

Buying Apple TV Alternatives

Now that you know of all the alternatives you have to Apple TV, you can easily choose one that best suits your budget and meets all your requirements. Getting a live TV streaming device helps you get rid of the monthly cycle of paying bills for the cable subscriptions and saves you a considerable amount of money. Everybody has a smart TV as well as a WIFI connection, to stream TV live you do not need Apple TV, the alternatives are just as good.  With the holiday season approaching, make good use of a live TV streaming at an affordable price.

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