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Best Cheap Wired Keyboards for Mac

Sebastian Peterson
The thing about Mac magic keyboard is that it does not work for everybody. Though it has a great look to it, but the functions are not very satisfactory for a varied number of users. It is also highly priced. So for those who do have a Macbook and are not satisfied with the apple keyboard or are simply looking for affordable lists, here is our guide to the best alternatives available.

Cheap Wired Keyboards for MAC

1. Macally Full-Size USB Wired Keyboard for Mac

This wired keyboard looks very elegant and comes at an a very cheap price. It has 16 specific shortcut keys specifically designed for Apple. The feel of the keyboard is very much comfortable. It comes with a long USB cable. About five feet long The chorded connection is simply plug and play. The keyboard is very sensitive and works well with even softer touch. It is quite the versatile keyboard as it comes with options for typing on angled or flat positions as well.

2. VicTsing Wired Keyboard

A very sleek looking keyboard that comes for a very reasonable price. It has the standard 104 keys layout which includes F keys and number key pads. It is well-designed keyboard that is spill proof. It is very sensitive and has a good comfortable feeling to it. It offers a good angle while typing. The stretch is also well-within reasonable limit. It comes in the form of six rows keys. For any clarification on any usage, the manual that comes along can be very handy.

3. Macally Full Size USB Wired Keyboard

This budget keyboard comes closest to the Apple magic keyboard when it comes to functions as well as look. It comes at a very understandable price and offers great functionality making this keyboard a great buy.  The full sized keyboard also has apple shortcuts specifically meant for the Apple users. There are about 15 such shortcuts. The keyboard is low-profile and does not make much sound. It is great on the comfort meter as has a great feel as well. It is also spill proof but not water resistant.

4. Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard

Comes at a bargain price. Great looking keyboard, the design is user friendly specially for those who spend long duration on the keyboard. The height of the keyboard is adjustable to suit your requirement, you can alter by about 30 degree. It comes in a full size keyboard. The keyboard is low-profile and maintain the silence as you go on typing. This sleek keyboard is high on responsiveness and offers great control. The spacebar is a trouble spot with many keyborads but not with this one.

5. AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard

A great option for anyone looking to buy an alternative for Mac keyboard. This is a sensibly priced keyboard. It offers great comfort while typing and maintains a low profile as well. The USB chord is long enough. The rubber stand ensures that the keyboard doesn’t move while typing. This sleek designed keyboard is well-spaced. The finishing is good enough and s quite easy to clean and maintain. The keyboard angle might be problem with some people but at the price it comes for, it is a great deal.

6. LANDFOX Ultra Thin Slim 78

This keyboard offers a power saving design, so this affordable keyboard saves more money through power saving. The design of the keyboard is durable and also looks elegant specially in the white color version. It can be easily connected to your Mac through the USB. The feel of the keyboard is good, specially designed for those who spend hours on the keyboard. The buttons are well-paced making the process of using the keyboard a breeze.

7. VAKIND 104 Keys Waterproofed Wired

This keyboard is perhaps the cheapest option that works with Mac the best. The ergonomic design gives you super easy usability on the keyboard. As it is a standard sized keyboard, you need not worry about anything missing in particular. It is definitely spill proof. It also comes with a backlight.  The suspension button also performs greatly even after and during rigorous use.

8. CHYI USB Cable Keyboard

Another reasonably priced keyboard. This is a wired keyboard and the length of the chord is quite satisfactory. Being a standard sized keyboard it comes in 78 keys option. The keyboard is low-profile so you can be assured it won’t make any noise. It is easy to set up connection with the Mac. The scissor type keyboard facilitates faster typing which is a necessity for many users who spend significant amount of time on keyboard. The keyboard is nicely paced, the dimension being 287*120*20mm. the keyboard both looks and feels great.

9. VBESTLIFE Keyboard 3.0

This is the best option for people who want to switch from wired to Bluetooth, depending on need. it is very affordable even though it has the dual mode. This works great for Apple, Android and even Windows. It comes in full length and offers all the 104 keys. There are case indicator button on the keyboard. Other than that power and Bluetooth indicator buttons are also there on the keyboard itself. This keyboard does not come with password protector.

10. B.O.W Small Keyboard Light Portable

This keyboard is a blessing for people who have to work and travel. You may not prefer to carry your Apple Magic keyboard as you travel, but with this durable keyboard, you need not worry about wear and tear. It very light weight, just throw it in your backpack and you are good to go. Connecting it with your Mac is a breeze. The key life expectancy is about three million key strokes. It comes in various color choices. The keyboard from Apple is excessively hyped. Apart from being exorbitantly priced, the mouse also dos not deliver on functionality. Specially not suitable for people who require to spend too much time on their keyboard. Getting a wired keyboard takes off your worry of running out of power. You can explore the above options to see which ones suit you the most. Check also: Best Apple TV Alternatives Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard  Tags:
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