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i500 Pro TWS | NEW AirPod Pro Clone?!

Sebastian Peterson

What is going on guys today? We are taking a look at the i500 Pro TWS aka, the Latest AirPods Pro Clone,


So let me explain how that is the case on this. One you’re gon na see that I’ve got a couple of orange stickers over here, covering up some some some actual official branding, and that will not be present.


These box will be completely white with the picture of it on the front and some details on the back, so the box that it will come in will be slightly different, but it will be less officially branded.


Lets just say that, and so they wanted me to make sure that I made that apparent, but the box itself will be the same size, which is the exact same size as the earPod pro package as well opening this guy up here we got to the standard Books and manuals now all of these are master exactly the same ones that you would get if you actually bought the legitimate version.


So you get legit legit branded manuals, which is awesome, the packaging itself. We got the air pods here, we’ll take a look at those in just a second, and then you get your micro, USB, cable and in the packaging. You will also get multiple sizes of the ear tips, so those are a couple things that are gon na, be a little bit different.


So as far as the case goes, it looks identical. Its absolutely perfect.


Wireless charging is on here as well. You get wireless charging, which is absolutely fantastic, so we should see an orange dot pop up here on the wireless charger turned on yep there you go so there’s your wireless charging active, which is perfect.


You also have your lightning cable down here in the bottom, which is great, but other than that guys. It looks pretty darn close to identical the one of the thing that they wanted me to mention is that when you order these off of the website right here below the hinge, you will get the actual branding to make them look even more convincingly real.


So that will be coming any orders that are placed off of the link down the description below will also have that. So keep that in mind, which is really good to know. So the first thing that I want to take a look at, and I want it. I want to just let you guys know is that these are the i500 tws.


These are the I500 Pro tws, basically feature-wise they’re identical, okay you’re not gon na have active noise cancellation on these. I just want to throw that out there up front.


Keep that in mind. Active noise cancellation is currently not available on the IEEE 500 Pro, so that is one major feature that is missing from the air pot pros right. So these are these.


This is where the cloning it comes to an end right so feature wise, there’s not feature parity. There, I’ve seen a few reviews that say that active noise cancellation is there and I’ve got it straight from the manufacturer that that is not the case. They do not.


Currently have them in the i500 Pro tws. So keep that in mind. What basically they’ve done is they’ve taken the feature set here and they’ve put it in a new case and a new shell that looks identical to the air pot pros.


So, if you’re going for a clone, if you’re going for that visual, look if you’re looking, if you want it to look like you got the actual air pod pros, which is you know, which is that’s what I think a lot of people are looking for here. This is gon na. Do that, for you you’re just going to be at this point right now. You don’t have all the features that you do have on the actual air pod pros.


Okay, so keep that in mind, but going forward. So, let’s pull these guys out here when you pull these out of the case, you know the case snaps, really nice, just like the actual one does, but the clones themselves look really really than singly good.


Okay, they look really really nice. Overall. Everything branding wise, looks really good. You got your gel your tips here, which is fantastic noise, isolation, audio quality, definitely enhanced.


So the thing that I want you to understand is these: are the eye 500 pros? Okay, these are the eye 500s right with that in mind. What they’ve done is they basically transferred him over? So basically, what you have here is the audio quality from the eye 500, but with the ear tips you get an enhanced audio quality overall there, okay, the other thing that you’re gon na be missing and you’re gon na find this out very quickly.


Is that pressure-sensitive control on the stem here that is present on the air pod pros is not available here yet on the eye 500, Pro tws? Okay, so those are not if this doesn’t do anything here. Really, okay, you have standard touch.


Controls, like you did on the I 500s, so these are gon na act, a lot like air pod twos, but they look exactly like you’re wearing air pod pros. So now, with all that said, let me put these guys in and show you what they look like and we’ll go over some other things.


So another thing that you’re probably asking is, do these have the air pod pop-ups and yes, they do. The problem is, is that I don’t have an Apple device, I’m an Android guy. Okay, these do work perfectly fine with Android, you pair them just like any other Bluetooth device, but I don’t have an Apple device that is actually running Android or that has run iOS. 13.2, so I can’t do that for you, however, I have seen it in multiple reviews and I have assurance from the manufacturer and from their website that these do have the air pod Pro flow.


So, when you, when you turn these guys on, you put them close to a pair of air pods or you know close to an iPhone you’re gon na pop up and it’s gon na, do the full flow exactly as you would expect. So, that’s great! So I’ve got them in here’s what they look like.


Let me get up here a little bit closer, so you guys can see. This is what they look like in my ear, so they look really really good there, looking like some sweet air pod pros. So right now, if I went out on the street, people will be walking around people.


I was actually fairly impressed with them have to cost as you get them with now, when you add that that rubber, you know, ear tip on there, you get that noise. You know the noise isolation right. I know noise cancellation. I almost said noise cancellation, there’s no active noise cancellation on these, but you get that noise isolation and actually it just enhances the volume it Hans’s, the bass quality and it enhances everything and it blocks out a lot of the outside noise.


So, if they’re very, very good, sound, very, very happy with the way that they sound, you know with that rubber tip in there as well and the new design they stay in so well. They really just kind of hang on in there definitely a step up from the i500 tws. In the you know, the standard ear pods so overall they’re winning on both counts.


So a battery life wise you’ve got 15 hours of total battery life. Now that’s four hours. You have four hours of listening time on the earbuds themselves and then you have additional charges with the charging case, so total package total daily usage you’re. Looking at about 15 hours, I was able to actually get about four and a half hours on my testing.


With these, I’ve been using them for the last couple days, listening to momma commutes and things like that and I’ve been able to get a pretty a pretty solid four and a half hours. Now I will mention the reason why I think that is because I am only listening to them at about 70 % volume. These guys get really really loud like for me.


They were uncomfortably loud. So if you like loud earbuds, these are definitely something you should check out, and so, as I mentioned, you also have the touch controls, which is great, so you’ve got all your play/pause controls on these guys when you pull them out of your ear and flip them Back in you get to play pause, you also get an in-ear sensor, chime right, so it knows when they’re in your ears, the in-ear sensors are also present in here.


So you get those play/pause features when you’re pulling them out, and things like that, which is great. You know, you get up to the front of the Starbucks line. You pop this guy out. It pauses your music, you do your order, you put it back in and you’re on your way, music starts playing again. So, overall, you know another great feature of the of the earbuds just in general, and those are also present here. S

So with all the good things that I have to say about them, what don’t I like about them? First off, the big thing for me is just all-around battery life right. I was able to squeak out and a half hours and for the most part when it comes to comparing it with other. You know wireless earbuds in the space you know five six seven hours even eight hours is kind of becoming the place that we’re at at this point, and so four and a half hour are pretty small.


Granted. You have to keep in mind with all of these negatives and all these positives. What you’re getting is you’re getting the ear pod pro look. Okay, these guys look just like him. You can walk around the town, nobody would know the difference.



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